"It Is an amazing place to go. I have full body treatments as well as facials. It is an amazing experience. My skin texture on my face feels smoother and overall I see a very big difference. Highly recommend this place to anyone."

       Leilani Pacheco-Datta


"This was my first experience with cryotherapy and Bobbie made me feel welcome and relaxed. Session was cold but doable, and almost 3 hours after I can still feel my skin tingling, and my knee pain is gone. I will definitely be back."

       Nina Elkjaer Hasler


"Hi, I wanted to let you know that my husband and I are personally OBSESSED with Celluma. It has helped our pain and my acne so much that we cannot believe it!”

       Tari Dominy Sicairos de Vomaske


“In the eight months that I've been using Celluma my life has become more enjoyable. My combat injuries, pain, discomforts and surgeries that I've been dealing with over the years have become more manageable. I've also been able to postpone additional surgeries, because along with other treatments, the Celluma has stimulated a comfortable healing process that has assisted me to live a more painless life. Thank you again for introducing me to Celluma."

       S. Sgt. Jim Gularte, USMC (retired)


"I had Achilles Tendonitis for a year. Despite all of the usual treatments, anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy, massage therapy, and a few others; it just got worse and worse. By November 2016 I had difficulty even walking and could no longer exercise. Dr Claudia Christman recommended that I try Cryo. I did five local treatments to my Achilles Tendon over two weeks. It did not hurt, indeed the treatments felt good, but I did not notice any change. Ten days later my Achilles developed swelling and tenderness, and then, AMAZINGLY, began to feel much better. Over the next two weeks my Achilles felt better and better, and then I resumed exercising. I have slowly increased my exercise over the last two months and my Achilles Tendon continues to feel better and better. I am now exercising at about 90% of my old level and have only held back because I want to continue healing."


"I can give Kona Cryo Wellness my highest recommendation. They are very attentive to providing a safe, effective treatment at very reasonable rates. If you have had a Tendonitis that has not responded to simple treatment, I strongly recommend that you at least try a Kona Cryo treatment. If not for Cryo Therapy, I would have ended up having to had surgery."

       America V. Oujevolk, MD (Vicky)


"I have been receiving cryotherapy treatments since October 2015.  I suffer from chronic neck, back and ankle pain due to a motor vehicle accident and cryo treatments have been the only therapy that can completely alleviate my pain and inflammation.  I have tried numerous other options such as: medication, physical therapy, chiropractic, massage, and acupuncture.  None of these options had long lasting results for me.  With cryotherapy I find I have the best results. I go every two weeks in order to keep my inflammation down.  Cryotherapy has been life changing for me, and has made it possible for me to maintain a more active lifestyle without the worry of how much pain I will be in the next day after vigorous activity.  I highly recommend this service to anyone who suffers from any sort of injury or chronic pain."

       Brianna C. - Kempner, Texas

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